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Dawson Creek Curling Club Sparing Rules:

1. The Full Playing Membership Category allows sparing in any club league without restriction.

2. NON MEMBERS OF D.C.C.C. PAY $ 10 EACH TIME and are restricted to sparing 3 times per season for any team in any club league. For clarity, that is three times per season, not per league. Non-member spares must sign in with the Manager or Bartender before going on the ice.

3. Two team members must be present for a game to count or a default is posted.

4. Members are asked to monitor their own teams and to follow the rules. Note: While the DCCC allows each league to set specific rules as they see fit, Rule #4 must always be adhered to. Please read your league specific rules as posted on your league’s web page but these four shall be the default.

Unlimited Spare Membership:

This category consists of the payment as listed. This membership confers sparing privileges for all regular leagues at the club (not rentals). A member in this category can spare unlimited for any team in any regular league. Additionally, the member can spare an unlimited number of times as a fifth player for one team in one regular league as long as that team is already made up of at least 4 fully paid members. The Spare Membership fee is the same whether it is purchased in the fall or the winter. It is not meant to be a route to a cheap season where someone spares three times as a non-member before Christmas and then asks to pay ½ price for the winter to become a Spare Member, as that would not be fair to other club members.

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