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Letter From The President

September 6, 2015.

It has been a tough 10 or so months for the Dawson Creek Curling Club.   But, the past is the past.   I feel that we are now in a position to get our club back to a state where it is the place to be in Dawson Creek. It started with the hiring of our new club manager in June; Jeff Ginter.  Jeff has been working tirelessly since his appointment as manager and has already made some significant moves to ensure our success. 

We have now received official word that our “Business Interruption” insurance claim has been approved.   Even though we believed it had been approved in 2014, it seemed doubtful until recently.   In fact, within the past few weeks, we feared it might even be denied.   We can thank Jeff for his persistence and hard work for the recent approval.  We will be letting you, the membership, know in the next few weeks exactly how that works for last years’ fees, etc.  

Now we can focus on this year’s business of curling.   Starting in the next few weeks, you will see a membership drive like no other.   Jeff has “The Rocks & Rings Program” going into several schools this fall to promote our game to the local youth.   

We also owe a special thanks to Jim Farley and his staff at Bonnie’s Janitorial for their generous donation of hour and hours redoing our vinyl flooring.   We are also replacing some of the other flooring upstairs. Please join us and check it out at the registration night!       

All this effort, I believe, will lead us to an exciting year of curling!

I hope to see you all on registration night – Friday, September 25, 2015 – for food, fun and some club companionship!

Tracy Steinke

DCCC President

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