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Teachable moment:Rookie curlers of any age might want to hold off buying stopwatches until they get used to judging the speed of a rock with the naked eye.

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 Grippers (Anti-Sliders)

These are necessary to protect your slider. Grippers are tiny bits of rubber glued together and will deteriorate over time. One should change them before every season or when black material begins to shed.

Teachable moment: When there are flat spots or balding around the heel and toe areas , it's time to replace as the gripper isn’t safe. General rule of thumb , if you curl in 1 league change in the Fall. If you curl in 2 or more leagues , change out at least TWICE/Year.

When it comes time to get a new gripper, the Pro shop is the only place in Western Canada that recycles them. In conjunction with Frisby Tire your old gripper becomes a new tire ! 14879146aa_t

Teachable moment: Grippers deteriorate faster from the constant change between warm and cold. By remaining on the ice as much as possible, as opposed to walking on back or side boards, your gripper will last longer.


All curling shoes come with various width sliders. The sliders reduce or eliminate the heat transfered between your foot and the ice. The thicker the slider the less work you do pushing out of the hack, the further you slide and the more time you have to set up your shot.

Teachable moment: Velcro adhered grippers can be ripped off by shoe cleaning machines so be careful how you place your foot on the roller. 

Teachable moment: Never step off the side boards with your slider foot first if you do not have it covered by a gripper.

Teachable moment: Apply the grittiest toothpaste you can find to your finger and rub the paste over your sliders. Rub it in then clean your slider. The grit in the paste will help clean some of the dirt out of the little niks and scratches on your slider…and your sliders will not get cavities.


Brooms are all the same height. They differ in handle thickness, either 1 inch, 1 &1/8 inch or tapered handles.  Women usually choose the thinner or tapered handles while men usually choose the thicker or tapered handles. They are also made of either fiber glass or carbon fiber. We can vary the pad colour or the pad holder colour at no extra charge.

Teachable moment: The first thing on a broom to break will be the plastic part that holds the pad to the broom. People love stopping rocks with this part and some people (we know you aren`t one) slap their brooms on something when they miss a shot. DON`T DO THAT.  

Teachable moment: When choosing a synthetic pad back enders might want to choose a bright colour to provide a better target. Front enders might want to choose a darker colour like black.

Teachable moment: When should you change your pad? If you use the standard synthetic pad you will notice a roughness to the touch on the surface. When these “bumps” disappear and the pad is smooth it is time to change pads. The frequency of change depends on your sweeping strength, position played and frequency of play.




Delivery devices are of two types. There are devices for those who deliver in the traditional way, from the hack and those designed to be used by those who cannot get in the hack anymore. Delivery devices used in a standing position are usually called “sticks” and come in many different styles. If you are considering these you might want to speak with people who have different styles to see which one is best for you.


Teachable moment:  Some delivery device curlers like wearing a curling shoe even though they don’t need the slider on the one foot. We can order  “plain” curling shoes. These are curling shoes with no sliders just grippers.




Curling pants come in many styles and materials. All of them have to be hemmed. Curling pants all stretch, some wick moisture, some breathe, some fit like regular trousers, others fit more baggy, some are low rise and some are warmer than others. Like curling shoes the one you choose should be comfortable. We have a room in which you can try on the items. All curling pants are black.



Gloves and mitts come in a variety of styles and colours. Gloves can have a great deal of warmth but some styles are also used for grip moreso than warmth. If you are going for a good gripping glove grab a broom and try the grip on the shaft. Some gloves also breath which is good for heavy sweeping front-enders. Skips may also want a glove that stands out more so as to present a better target as well as making for a better scene vehicle for hand gestures to throwers. Most gloves have a velcro closure system (ah yes, the sound of velcro at the end of the game signifying the shaking of hands) but some do not and are better for people who want a less constrictive closure. Gloves are made of leather or synthetic material. Mitts are usually leather with lots of fleece inside. Some also breathe. Others have a smaller hand box which keeps fingers closer together for more warmth.

Teachable moment: Let your gloves or mitts air out between games


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